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The Trusted Pool Cleaning Services of TCP Pools

We offer different packages of pool cleaning services in Venice, FL, that you can choose from.

Chemical Cleaning Service

This package includes the following cleaning services:

Pool cleaning services

Weekly chemical check-ups

Chemical balance inspection

Tile cleaning

•  filter cleaning as needed

Pump inspection

Regular maintenance

Chlorine- Used to sanitize pools
, Kills bacteria and other microorganisms
Cyanuric Acid
- Maintains chlorine levels
, Prevents growth of algae
, Keeps pool water clear
Bromine- Has disinfectant properties, therefore, it kills bacteria
Pool Salt- Keeps water clear and clean.
pH Increaser- Keeps pool clean
, Keeps pH at a healthy level
, Prevents algae growth
pH Decreaser- Lowers pH of the water
, Kills bacteria and algae
Hydrochloric Acid- Used to clean pools
, Kills bacteria and other contaminants
, Adjusts pH levels
Algaecide- Prevents growth of algae
Pool Clarifier- Removes particles of dirt and debris
, Keeps pool clear and clean
Flocculant- Removes debris and dirt
, Helps improve filtration

Pool Full-service Cleaning in Venice, FL

This package contains a complete set of services, which include the following:

• Inspection

• Overall maintenance

• Weekly tile

• filter cleaning as needed

• Vacuuming as needed

• Brushing of pool walls

• Pool debris removal

• Emptying of baskets

• Pool netting 

• Chemical balance maintenance

• Pool cleaning

• Troubleshooting

• Pump inspection

Partial Cleaning Service This pool package includes the following: • Weekly tile • filter cleaning as needed • Brushing of pool walls • Emptying of baskets • Pool netting • Chemical balance maintenance • Pump inspection • Troubleshooting

To acquire our exclusive package services, call us at 941-830-5006. For further inquiries, do not hesitate to email us at

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