We Specialize in Pool Cleaning Services around Nokomis, FL

TCP Pools offers four different types of packages for our pool cleaning services in Nokomis, FL. Take a look and choose the best option for your pool.

  • Chemicals-Only Service
    This package includes weekly chemical check-ups, pump inspection, chemical balance inspection, and maintenance. Our pool experts will check your pool’s water chemistry to make sure that everything is balanced and it has the appropriate levels of pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. All of these factors are key to keeping your pool clean and crystal clear.
  • Chems Cleaning Service
    This package is a chemicals-only service including all of the services mentioned above. Along with chemical maintenance, this package also includes pool cleaning services and just like all our other services, this is available in Nokomis, FL and its surrounding areas. Cleaning services included in this package are tile and filter cleaning. So if you want quick cleaning and chemical checks in one, then this is the perfect package for you.
  • Partial Cleaning Service
    Unlike our quick cleaning service, this package is more extensive. It includes weekly tile and filter cleaning, brushing of pool walls, emptying of baskets, and pool netting. This one also includes chemical balance maintenance as well as pump inspection and troubleshooting.
  • Full Service
    This package contains our complete set of pool services which includes inspection, overall maintenance, and pool cleaning in Nokomis, FL and beyond. Our full-service cleaning package is a partial pool cleaning service paired with several additions. These additions can be weekly vacuuming, removing pool debris, and other specific client requests.