TCP’s Innovative Ways of Treating Pool Damages

Small pool damage may be unavoidable. However, this doesn’t mean that they should be left untreated. TCP Pools always makes sure that these needs are met with the proper treatment, care, and pool repair in Venice, FL.

Here is a summarized table where you can check and learn about the causes of your pool’s damages and the treatments and solutions our experts here at TCP Pools provide.

Pool Damage / ProblemCausesTCP Solutions
Green or Murky WaterAlgae build-up and growth ,
Clogged or dirty filter ,
Low pool sanitizer levels ,
Poor maintenance
Pool shocking ,
Chlorine administering ,
Water and pH level testing ,
Pool clean up
Cloudy WaterClogged filter ,
External elements , such as dirt, debris , etc.
Bacteria and algae growth
Poor maintenance

Pool and filter cleaning,
Water testing ,
Administering of chemicals or algaecide ,
Pool shocking
Clogged or Dirty FilterEnvironmental factors (tree blossoms, heavy pollen, dust, dirt, body oil, sunscreen products, etc.)
Administering degreasing products
Skin and Eye Irritations After SwimmingpH level imbalance ,
Chloramines (a combination of ammonia and chlorine)
Water sampling and testing ,
pH level balancing
Pool Cracks and ScratchesWeak or improper pool structure or foundation installation ,
Pool leakage
Remedies: silicone, concrete urethane, sealing solutions, hydraulic cement application ,
Structural repairs ,
Reinforcing pool structures and foundation
White Flaky Scales / Pool ScalingCalcium, silicate, and carbonate build-up ,
Leakage on the pool’s foundation
Pool scrubs ,
Calcium removal
Rapid Algae GrowthLow or inconsistent levels of chlorine ,
Poor water circulation ,
Clogged pool filter
Filter cleaning ,
Pool shocking ,
Regular maintenance (cleaning and vacuuming)
Wrinkles in Vinyl LinerPipe leakage ,
Pool equipment leakage ,
Vinyl liner leakage ,
Water imbalance ,
Calcium hardness
Pipe and vinyl liner replacement ,
Pool equipment repair ,
pH Balancing ,
Torn Pump O-ringWearing ,
Tearing ,
Replacement ,
Regular maintenance
Sharp or Irritating Pool OdorImbalance of chloramines ,
Oil, waste, and organic waste from swimmer
Pool shock treatment ,
Pool cleaning
Different Water Colors (black, coffee brown, pink, green, yellow, gray, red or rust color, etc)Environmental factors
Contaminants ,
The rapid growth of algae
Pool maintenance and regular cleaning ,
Treatment with non-metal based algaecides ,
Water balancing, sampling, and testing ,
Pool filter cleaning ,
Pool shock treatment
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