We Offer Swimming Pool Resurfacing and Restoration in Nokomis, FL and beyond

Do you think your swimming pool is due for resurfacing? TCP Pools offers it not just here in Nokomis, FL but also in its surrounding areas. With us, you can expect affordable reliable services that showcase our expertise. So, if you want to avail excellent pool services without paying too high a price, choose us for all your pool service needs!

Now, what’s pool resurfacing for? Some homes have had pools for years now. Unfortunately, not all homeowners keep up with regular pool maintenance, especially if they’re particularly busy or they simply aren’t informed about its importance. Some simply cannot afford to have their pools checked on a regular basis and when you start taking maintenance for granted, your pool starts to fall into disrepair.

Your pool starts to show signs of aging such as cracks, blisters, and discoloration. When this happens, it is now time to have your pool resurfaced or restored. And this is not an easy process since it involves several steps that not every pool maintenance guy is qualified to perform. So for swimming pool resurfacing in Nokomis, FL or in its nearby areas, always call our experts at TCP Pools to do the job.

So how is it done? Your pool will be drained using a submersible pump and any electrical attachments it may have will be turned off. After that, the pool’s flawed surface material will be sandblasted and stripped away to make way for receiving new material. Once the pool is sufficiently prepped, tiles and other materials will be installed to complete the pool’s design. We will also inspect and place a water-tight seal around your pool’s plumbing. After all of that, the finish material will be applied and acid washed if needed. Everything will be cleaned up to prepare for the initial testing. Then after all the other necessary steps have been done, your pool will be as good as new!

So, if you want to make sure that your pool restoration in Nokomis, FL is done correctly, hire us at TCP Pools! We also serve Venice and Sarasota.